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"Clear Intentions" CD now available.

Hatha: Derived from "Ha" meaning sun and "Tha" meaning moon.
Yoga: To unite or yoke body, mind and spirit as one. To connect with Prana (universal life force)



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Welcome to the Hatha Yoga website for Pamela Gibson.

Being a proud local resident of Robe, South Australia; I can offer professional unique Hatha style yoga lessons to the great people of:

I am a fully qualified Dru yoga teacher with an accredited membership of Yoga Teachers Association of Australia.

I was invited by Dru Yoga Australia to do teacher training and I completed my three year course in 2012 qualifying as a Dru Yoga teacher which enables me to teach worldwide.

Combining therapeutic yoga (deep stretch) with Dru-style yoga, my classes consist of the flowing sequences:

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Professional yoga lessons by a qualified Dru yoga teacher.
Incorporating yoga limbs:

Asana - Movements
Pranayama - Breathing
Yamas & Niyamas - Principles
Pratyahara - Meditation

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